Outsource Your
Marketing Differently

“I appreciate their transparentcy by being able to see their efforts in real time on our dashboard.”

Lex, Balance of Nature

“Each meeting they review our communications strategy and measurements to make sure we are on our course.” 

Jon, SureCall

“They get things done on time and within budget.

Derek, WeBoost


“I feel like Rukkus is an extension of our marketing
team just down a long hallway.”

Jalyne, Regional State Bank

“I had minimal staff  handling all our marketing needs.
Rukkus stepped in filled 
all the gaps with strategy and purpose.
It was a breath of fresh air.”

Brian, TruAudio

“We know we’re getting sound recommendations from Rukkus.”

Dennis, Bosch

RUKKUS is a corporate marketing 

communications firm

We help
growing companies who are 
ready to implement best practices in marketing.
And we’re committed to making the right impact for you. Here’s how:

We’re Uniquely Structured

A firm without the traditional agency model˚.

We build custom teams designed to meet the need of each project and client.

We take no commissions, just a straight fee for our service.

We adapt to the structure of your marketing department.

We engage in executive discussions and boardrooms, so we can create the right formula for a lasting and effective communications strategy for you.

We’re Purposeful


Every element of your communications, including personality, tone, and message, is identified and implemented in a way that firmly supports the core of your brand.


Together, we identify what you hope to achieve with your communication efforts.


We’ll impliment a sound and comprehensive communications strategy that overcomes fragmented marketing efforts.

We Communicate Strategically

There are many ways to communicate a message effectively, but we believe that cooperation between various mediums will produce the most value. We consider every option before pulling together the right mix of communications methods. By ensuring every action is driven by your desired effect and supportive of your brand, you can implement your strategy with confidence that your marketing efforts will yield measurable results.