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Great communication is essential to marketing. You discuss it in endless meetings. You chase after it in every campaign. You analyze, evaluate, and stew over it every day. And just when you think you have it figured out, it still doesn’t work as expected.

We’ve all walked in your shoes. When you’re responsible for marketing, you’re either a hero or a scapegoat, and you can never really tell how the story will end. You deserve major props for your efforts, but you’re judged on results. And results only come when your communications hit a target that often seems ambiguous and elusive.

It’s Okay…You’re Not Alone

In pursuit of results, many marketing executives pull the trigger on tactics without ensuring the effectiveness of their communication. In doing so, they allow method a seat up front, when only strategy should be in the driver’s seat. Under these circumstances, the message gets muddy and efforts become little more than a mishmash of to-do’s. It happens daily. While most don’t see this as it’s happening, there is a fairly simple solution once you catch on. All it takes is a focus on strategy before tactics.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

We’ve all been beguiled by the task list. Our calendars are teeming with duties and deadlines. As humans, we feel that if we aren’t checking tangibles off our list, we aren’t making progress.

What we often lose sight of is that every minute we spend crafting and perfecting the message – before pulling any tactical triggers – is the ideal kind of progress. Deliberate messaging is strategy at its best. It brings meaning and effectiveness to each communication, so when we do pull the trigger, we hit targets precisely. No more marketing whack-a-mole!

Sound strategy demands looking up from the task list to see the big picture. A real-world example? ((brief real-world experience / example))

Step back for a bird’s eye view of your objective, then plan your strategy accordingly. Instead of counting on communication, you’ll make every communication count.