State Bank of Southern Utah (SBSU), is a strong financial institution with its roots planted deep into Southwest corner of Utah. Over its 60 years, it has developed strong advocates and a loyal following. Though successful, SBSU has the unique standing and capability to speak around the traditional “bank-talk” and engross the area of Southern Utah with support and advocacy. They were looking forward and saw an opportunity to widen their pool of younger customers and then deepen their banking relationship with these new, younger advocates.

  • Photography 35%
  • Print Design 60%
  • Website Development 50%
  • Online Strategy 80%
  • Social Media Management 75%
  • Video Stories 55%
  • Event Planning 65%
  • Video Production 75%



Rukkus created a community initiative to help deepen the connection between the bank and their community. Video, writtten, and pictoral stories of members in the community were documented on an website. Communication guidelines, a community outreach strategy, advertising strategy, and corporate training on brand was implemented for this initiative.

With that infrastructure in place a number of tactical campaigns were strategically launched to introduce and promote specific banking products that leveraged the relationships strengthened by the Bank on Southern Utah initiative. Since the desire was to bring in younger customers, a consumer loan message strategy was created surrounding auto loans. Message, advertising, communication guidelines, and community engagement strategies were developed and implemented.



The BankOnSouthernUtah initiative showed SBSU rallying behind the local community by featuring unique local stories and redefining the culture they represent. After it’s launch, the community expressed overwhelming responses by numerous nominations for more local stories and understanding the outreach and embracement of the community from State Bank.

On the tactical side, the Real Life Auto Loans campaign recently resulted in doubling the amount of loans from the previous 4th quarter.