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About Rukkus


From the way we’re structured to the way we’re compensated, we’ve designed ourselves to make an impact. The name Rukkus comes from a desire to introduce a new way to outsource marketing rather than traditional models. Our philosophy in marketing stems from strategic thinking and letting the brand and desired effect guide the overall communication actions. We customize teams to every clients’ needs and only accept fees for our service instead of commissions. Our desire is to sit with you, strategically decide the best course of action, implement it when needed, and measure it. We’ll help you aim the cannon, fire it, and see positive results.



Lead Strategist – Client Relations – Idea Facilitator

Bryson Despain brings experience to Rukkus as lead strategist in client-relations.  With his down-to-earth enthusiasm, he heads teams of creative thinkers, artisans and businesspeople to engineer solid, innovative strategies to advance his clients’ agendas. His passion is finding the brand within a product and creating a complete strategy to serve clients. 

Bryson has 20+ years of experience implementing marketing, communications and public relations for many varied national and international organizations spanning from the giants of the pharmaceutical industry, to orchestrating United Way of America’s national LIVE UNITED campaign, to branding for regional manufacturing firms entering the global market. At Rukkus, he has brought his experience and talent to bear, formulating every phase of marketing for consumer products as they have been placed in trade shows and retail venues such as Costco, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Best Buy, and Academy Sports. 


Lead Strategist – Project Management – Art of WordCraft


Lead Strategist – Client Relations – Retail Partnerships


We have a pool of over 80 qualified vetted partners who are masters in their skillset.
From this pool of experts, we create  
custom teams based on the clients’ needs and budget.